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Organized by : Program for the Gifted and Talented, CUHK and a cross-institutional consortium of research investigators from CUHK, PolyU, CityU and EdUHK

Lectures / Seminars

Project GIFT aims to enhance the professional competence of the school personnel in promoting talent development. Various activites, including professional sharing sessions, workshops and overseas exchange tours, have been held. Please click on the link below to explore.

Key School Sharing


為促進學校之間的專業交流,賽馬會「知優致優」計劃會舉辦一系列教師分享活動和工作坊,藉此提供平台,讓教育同工就不同課題分享教學點子和策略。活動的專業發展時數可累積於Edu-logue專業發展嘉許計劃。請點選以下主題查閱相關內容 。



Overseas Events

為促進學校之間的專業交流,賽馬會「知優致優」計劃會舉辦一系列教師分享活動和工作坊,藉此提供平台,讓教育同工就不同課題分享教學點子和策略。活動的專業發展時數可累積於Edu-logue專業發展嘉許計劃。請點選以下主題查閱相關內容及報名 。

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