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Organized by : Program for the Gifted and Talented, CUHK and a cross-institutional consortium of research investigators from CUHK, PolyU, CityU and EdUHK

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Annual Sharing & Students Talent Show

計劃總結分享會嘉賓分享 (Cantonese)
Mr. Stark CHAN
22 June 2019
發展才能⸺「武」出豐盛人生 (Cantonese)
30 June 2018
計劃學校中期經驗分享會嘉賓分享 (Cantonese)
Mr. Anson YIP
30 June 2018

Professional Sharing

校本全班式資優教育的實踐 (Cantonese)
Carmel Secondary School
12 June 2018
全班式資優教育:英文科的適異性教學設計 (Cantonese)
Ma On Shan Methodist Primary School
18 May 2018
全班式資優教育:校本STEM課程設計與實踐 (Cantonese)
Po Leung Kuk Grandmount Primary School
15 May 2018
小學數學課堂運用電子學習的實踐經驗分享 (Cantonese)
Yan Chai Hospital Choi Hin To Primary School
12 May 2018
校本抽離式資優培育計劃的實踐 (Cantonese)
Queen's College
24 April 2018
推行全班式資優教育:應用GeoGebra軟件設計小學數學課堂工作坊 (Cantonese)
Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church Primary School
19 January 2018
校本資優教育的推行策略和具體安排 (Cantonese)
Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Association Buddhist Chan Shi Wan Primary School
6 January 2018
校本學生資料和才能數據庫發展策略、所需技術和應用 (Cantonese)
Shaukiwan Tsung Tsin School
6 January 2018

Lecture Series / Thematic Talks

資優教育中的情意教育 (Cantonese)
Dr. Anna HUI
8 and 22 March 2019
學生創造力的培育與創意教學 (Cantonese)
Dr. Louis LEE and Dr. Lai Kwan CHAN
9 and 23 November 2018
以實證為本方法提升學與教效能 (Cantonese)
Dr. Lai Kwan CHAN
29 September 2018
發掘孩子潛能、培育子女成才:父母有為?有所不為? (Mandarin)
Prof. David DAI
26 May 2018
不同資優教育理論模式於適異性教學的應用 (Mandarin)
Prof. Ching Chih KUO
12 February 2018
適異性教學的實施方式 (Mandarin)
Prof. Ching Chih KUO
10 February 2018
資優學生神經心理特質研究發現:教育與輔導啟示 (Mandarin)
Prof. Ching Chih KUO
25 February 2017
Curriculum Development for the Gifted: Key Features in Classroom Practice
25 February 2017
What Works in Curriculum for the Gifted: 25 Years of Research
23 February 2017
Insights from the Four Decades of Implementing Schoolwide Enrichment and Gifted Education Models
Prof. Sally M. REIS
23 February 2017
Discovering the Talented and Gifted: Focus on Excellence
Prof. Susan G. ASSOULINE
23 February 2017
台灣資優教育的成功與挑戰 (Mandarin)
Prof. Ching Chih KUO
23 February 2017
Identifying and Developing Creative and Productive Giftedness: Major Challenges for the 21st Century Learners
Prof. Joseph S. RENZULLI
23 February 2017
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