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Organized by : Program for the Gifted and Talented, CUHK and a cross-institutional consortium of research investigators from CUHK, PolyU, CityU and EdUHK

Roles and Commitments

Support for Project Schools

Project GIFT aims to provide professional support and financial resources for Project Schools in the following areas:

Helping Project Schools to
  • review and assess the strengths and needs of schools
  • formulate the school-based talent development and gifted education policy consistent with schools’ major concerns and development plan
  • develop a School-based Student and Talent Database
  • establish a gifted education support network within the school & an inter-school collaboration platform for teachers
Providing school personnel with professional training by local professional staff and academicians, and overseas world-renowned scholars in gifted education to
  • enhance school leaders’ role in promoting and orchestrating school-based talent development and gifted education
  • advance teachers’ knowledge in gifted education and their skills/strategies in catering for students with high ability/giftedness
  • strengthen teachers’ skills in conducting action research and evaluation to examine the effectiveness of learning and teaching
Collaborating with school teachers to
  • infuse the key elements of gifted education into the core curricula of Chinese Language Education, English Language Education, Mathematics Education and/or General Studies in primary schools, or into the core curricula of Mathematics and Science Education in secondary schools
  • enrich the curricula of the above listed KLAs for students in regular classroom learning
  • develop differentiated curricula and pull-out programs for students with high ability/giftedness in the above specified areas
Collaborating and supporting school teachers to organize school-based pull-out programs and activities to
  • enhance the cognitive and personal-social development of gifted students
  • promote self-understanding and psychological well-being among students with high ability/giftedness
  • strengthen the skills of gifted students in emotional management, communication and collaboration, and independent research
Collaborating and supporting teachers to organize activities to help parents to
  • understand the importance of talent development to address children’s individual differences and interests
  • understand the characteristics and needs of gifted and talented children, and their roles in nurturing gifted children
All key schools and network schools will be supported with
  • HK$10,000 per school year for talent development and gifted education provision
  • subsidy for teachers to participate in gifted education professional development programs including overseas gifted conferences and related activities
Key schools will be provided with
  • HK$330,000 per school year to release the teaching load of GE coordinators or curriculum leaders for collaborations with Project GIFT to develop school-based gifted education and support other network schools.

Roles and Commitments of Project Schools

In collaboration with Project GIFT, Project Schools should take up the following roles with commitment:


Roles and Commitments Key School Network School
Recognizing the importance of talent development and gifted education with an endeavor to develop school-based talent development and gifted education policy
Establishing a Gifted Education Task Force to implement school-based talent development and gifted education
Working proactively to develop enriched and differentiated curricula, as well as school-based gifted pull-out classes and programs (with regular collaborative meetings with Project GIFT once or twice each month)
Participating actively in practical and evaluation research to examine the effectiveness of gifted curriculum and the impact of school-based talent development and gifted education
Consolidating and sharing gifted education experiences with school personnel within the school and among project schools
Developing gifted curriculum resource materials
Reducing the teaching load of the Gifted Education Coordinator or Curriculum Leader with the provided financial support, and releasing him/her to collaborate with members of Project GIFT to provide support for network schools and organize pull-out programs for gifted students of network schools
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